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Welcome to the Thai construction company

We speak English, German and Thai!

Here you will find pictures and details of the design and construction of traditional Thai wooden house.
Our construction company based in Chaiyaphum is active in all of Thailand. We work with reliable Thai craftsmen and companies have extensive experience in construction with tropical wooden in Thailand!
Photo: Thaihouse Housebuilding Teakwood
Quality characteristics of Thai wooden house 

The wooden house is build in Thailand, the most original type of houses, they live comfortably in a healthy atmosphere. To produce the best old houses we used seasoned tropical wood.

These reclaimed hardwoods very dense and heavy
(usually twice as hard as Golden Teak) and so long-lasting, weather-resistant and free of distortion.

Such a house is by the ever-rising prices for lumber in Thailand and a good long-term investment for the future.

If you later move once it is easy to sell, but can easily dismantle and rebuild in another location again.

Facts for houses in Thai
  • Ecological Holzversieglung with teak oil

  • Planning security through fair fixed prices

  • Cheap construction costs in Thailand

  • Construction time approximately 4 to 6 weeks

  • Payment for Progress

  • No hidden costs

  • Assistance in land acquisition / lease

  • Showhouse trial living in Chaiyaphum

Photo: Thailand traditional Teakwoodhouse for-sale
Photo: Thailand House building wood-bungalow
Air conditioning, electrics and interior

Our houses are built with double walls made ​​of high quality Thai tropical timber. This achieves operate a sufficient insulation for air conditioning sensible.

The entire house electrics installed by us.
We install your air conditioning and other electrical appliances.

On request, we also supply the complete interior
furnishings. We have low-cost sources of supply for quality wooden furniture from the table to the bed. 

> Link: Thai wooden house prices 

Toilet & bath

We build the houses complete with plumbing.

In the bathroom the floor and the walls are completely tiled halfway up. The ceiling is wood Disguised.

Toilet and sink with faucets comply with European standard. The shower is equipped with a hot water conditioner.

Photo: Thailand traditional woodhouse shower room
Photo: Thailand traditional woodhouse sleep room
Foto: Photo: Thailand traditional woodhouse central living room
Photo: Thailand traditional house from tropic wood
The porch

The covered patio with intricately crafted wooden benches and wooden table at Thai Style offers for about 8-10 people seating for evening celebrations or just to eat and relax. 
The porch input with 3 steps here was placed laterally, it can be just as attached at the front.

Photo: Thailand traditional woodhouse with Luxury Porch (Veranda).
Photo: Thailand building woodhouse
Questions & Answers for house building Thailand

Sure, you still have questions about home construction.

Find >> Prices and Plans

Since our construction works throughout Thailand it is often difficult to reach by phone.

Take advantage of your questions, so please our

Foto: Thailand traditional woodhouse building (Norththailand / Isaan)
Construction company for bungalows Thailand
We build for you Thai houses to suit individual needs ... for example the house for the whole family!
The traditional Thai house with 155m :  This is a larger Thai wooden house from our construction program with 155m on 2 floors. In the upper part are traditional in Thailand, the living room and bedroom. Other dimensions and layout are also possible.
Thai wooden house - for sale
The ground floor consists of a large lounge, kitchen, bathroom and shower room and the veranda at the entrance. > read more
Contact: For questions about home construction and prices please send us an  > email


 Thai house construction service  Adress: 90 moo 13, Phu Khiao, 36110 Chaiyaphum  Email: